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Yuan gong 


Every BODY needs 90 ESSENTIAL Nutrients (the body can't make them!) every day, in order to be well.

While Minerals are the FOUNDATION  of our physical body, it also needs vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids in the right form and the right amounts daily.

Deficiency  leads to a weak foundation which in turn leads to a weak immune system which throws our body out of BALANCEand that is the cause of most of our physical challenges...

When the body gets what it needs it has a chance to heal itself!

8000 years of Chinese Wisdom Culture is being taught in the West as Yuan Tze Ren Xue ®.

Yuan Gong® It is a new, complete Method, created and taught by      Yuan Tze.

This is the most complete self healing modality I have found. 

"Healthy Soil - Healthy Plants - Healthy Animals - Healthy and HAPPY PEOPLE!"

How far from this ideal are we?

Nutrition Basics

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