I met Yuan Tze in March 2003 when he was teaching his first weekend seminar in the South Island, New Zealand, at the Kimi Ora Health Resort near Motueka.

It did not take me very long to weigh out the benefits vs the effort and challenges of a regular Qigong practice (it's SIMPLE but it's NOT EASY!)

My wife Ana and I became committed students and we have since been 

learning what seems to be endless teachings of an Ancient Chinese Wisdom Culture via Yuan Tze Ren Xue ®


As you can see, on the left is my certificate, received after finishing 8 levels of Teachers and Therapists Training in 2006 and from there on we had annual retreats taking the learning deeper.

In 2013 Yuan Tze started teaching his very own Qigong System called Yuan Gong ® which consists of 9 Methods, each with a lot of theory and science behind it.

Our Yuan Gong Teachers are coming to New Zealand from all over the world for another 6 levels (6 years) of this very special training.

Ana and I have our own Qigong Studio next to our home, where we practice and teach/share.

I am also willing to teach via the internet using Skype or Zoom etc.

For me Qigong is the most effective self healing modality I have found on my journey and it includes my exercise as well as my meditation and so much more, which I call the "INNER GAME"

I am happy to share this information freely with anyone who is genuinely interested and I can only strongly suggest that you read Yuan Tze's books which you can find in the 'Shop' on hiswebsite.

In November 2018 we finished the 6 years of Ren Xue - Yuan Gong and Yuan Ming Medicine training and I am excited to share this knowledge.

I am continuing to cultivate and uplift my life and passionate about helping others on this Journey ...

In Chinese this is called   Zi Du - Du Ren

I also conduct the Golden Bay Community Orchestra and sometimes, as a special treat, the combined Golden Bay and Nelson Orchestra for bigger concerts in the Bay as well as in Nelson.

Leaving my most important PASSION to last (it has it's own Tab above) it's what I call the 'INNER GAME'...!

What I mean by that is Your Story that you tell yourself 24/7 via your subconscious mind, which has been programmed by let's call it 'outside influence'.

As an adult you now have the FREE Choice (Will) to check that this 'conditioning' actually suits you for who you really are ...

I have been working on my own Journey with this since I can remember, first by rebelling against outside authority and later more consciously on how to undo that conditioning. It is the hardest work a human being can do, but we are all able to do it!

I call it changing your destiny

My passion is to share my discoveries and to help anyone who is truly willing to do this work, which I call the 'Journey Towards Optimum Wellbeing'

This being the most important and the hardest part of the Journey...

Here are some videos for you as a gift and an introduction, for you to consider working with me as your support person and mentor:

Intro Video (Manfred LIVE) Manfred tells his story at a Live Event                                
Live Zoom Webinars:
Introduction to 'The Inner Game' Zoom Series                                                              
We all do our best every day...                                                                                  
The 'WHY' that makes you cry                                                                                    
There is no Hope for a 'Better Past'                                                                            
How Do You Treat Your INNER CHILD?                                                                        
LIVE Events:

The INNER GAME of Leadership                                                                             

Manfred's Wellness Story                                                                                              
Blog Videos: 

The 'INNER GAME' of Wealth Creation                                                                     

The Value of Mentoring                                                                                                  

Now it's Decision Time!
Do YOU really want to work with me?
Manfred's Invitation to YOU                                                                                          

​​Manfred Raunigg ~ The Freedom Mentor

Manfred Raunigg presents:

"A Common-Sense Approach to

Optimum Well-BEing"

We are created from the elements of the earth and, ultimately, our systems cannot be 'fooled' into self-repair with synthetic medicines/supplements, but rather need to be fed correctly, in the way that Nature intended.

Here is an overview of what Wellness means to me, while sharing over 30 years experience of being on

“The Journey Towards Optimum WellBEing” ®

I am passionate about our young people and supporting them on their journey into adulthood!

Therefore I have been involved with the  Rites Of Passage Foundation,  a Non Profit (Charitable Trust) started initially by Jim Horton as TRACKS Rites of Passage for Boys and their Fathers in 2002 and expanded later by adding TIDES a Rites of Passage for Girls and their Mothers. This work is very dear to me and I invite you to talk to me about it, especially if you have or know of a family with a boy or girl that could be ready for their Rite Of Passage into young adulthood. This work needs a lot of support, especially financially but also promotion (referrals) in the community and schools etc. as well as facilitators.

I left behind a very successful career as a classical musician (conductor and flautist) when I left Austria in 1983.

On what started out as a one year round the world trip (on sabbatical leave), I discovered New Zealand and here I found a new life and a love and passion for Nature and what I now call

“The Inner Game.” 

My “Journey Towards Optimum Wellbeing” includes ALL aspects of life, Physical – Mental – Emotional – Spiritual – Financial and Social with the key focus being on BALANCE!

This involved a lot of CHANGE on every level.