​​Manfred Raunigg ~ The Freedom Mentor

What do I mean by 'Inner Game' ?

It's about Your Story that you tell yourself 24/7 via your subconscious mind, which has been programmed by, let's call it 'outside influence'.

As an adult you now have the FREE Choice (Will) to check that this 'conditioning' actually suits you for who you really are ...

I have been working on my own journey with this since I can remember, first by rebelling against outside authority and later more consciously on how to undo that conditioning. It is the hardest work a human being can do, but we are all able to do it! I call it changing your destiny!

My passion is to share my discoveries and to help anyone who is truly willing to do this work, which I call the 'Journey Towards Optimum Wellbeing'
This being the most important and the hardest part of the Journey...

Here are some videos for you as a gift and an introduction, for you to consider working with me as your support person and mentor:

Intro Video - Manfred LIVE (Manfred tells his story at a live event)                                 
Live Zoom Webinars:
Introduction to 'The Inner Game' Zoom Series                                                           
We all do our best every day...                                                                                    
The 'WHY' that makes you cry                                                                                        
There is no Hope for a 'Better Past'                                                                              
How Do You Treat Your INNER CHILD?                                                                        

LIVE Events:

The INNER GAME of Leadership                                                                                 

Manfred's Personal Wellness Story                                                                                               

Blog Videos: 

The 'INNER GAME' of Wealth Creation                                                                         

The Value of Mentoring                                                                                                   

Now it's Decision Time!

Do YOU really want to work with me?
Manfred's Invitation to YOU