​​Manfred Raunigg ~ The Freedom Mentor

After decades of my own research, the company I actively endorse now is Youngevity.

​Founded in 1997 by Dr Joel D Wallach, a soil scientist, pathologist, veterinarian doctor and naturopathic physician, who's 43 years of research and clinical experience led him to start his own company, based on the 90 Essential Nutrients every Body (animal and human) needs to consume every day in order to be well and stay well.

I don't know anyone who has done more study on the subject of nutrition than Dr Wallach.

He understands this subject all the way from the soil via the plants to the animals and finally humans.

His products work, every time, as long as people take the right amount and give it enough time...

You can try them risk free, with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, right HERE

Some other wellness products I endorse are manufactured by Life Force International, a small, family owned company in San Diego CA.

You can find them and order directly with a 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee from: HERE

There are thousands of other good products on the market these days and it gets extremely complicated to make sure you get value for money...

Who can you really trust with your health?

I like to keep it simple and cover the basics first to build a strong foundation and from there up it's a fun journey ;-)

We can talk about this in person (go to 'Contact' above)